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Cytaglobal operates an extensive satellite telecommunications network that provides enhanced international connectivity with global reach. The satellite network is supplemented by far-reaching optical fibre connections that make it possible for Cytaglobal to offer reliable hybrid solutions to the international market. We own and operate two teleport sites with a total complement of more than 50 major satellite antennas, providing connectivity with Intelsat, Eutelsat, SES, AsiaSat, ABS, ARABSAT and other major satellite systems.

The main teleport site is Makarios, which has been in operation since 1980 and is manned on a 24 hour basis for 365 days per year. Makarios Teleport offers full visibility of the geostationary arc, covering any satellite location between 33,5°W and 100,5°E with elevation angles greater than 10°. The teleport is fully equipped to provide a wide range of satellite services, tailor made to the requirements of our customers. The services provided include broadcasting and turnaround of digital television on permanent, periodic or occasional basis. Turnaround services for satellite-to-satellite links have been provided for a long time, but satellite-to-fiber links are becoming increasingly popular especially for satellite internet and VSAT applications that enable total communications solutions to remote regions around the globe. Cyprus' strategic position in the eastern Mediterranean is a privileged location, while its climate, with extensive sunshine, low rainfall and mild temperatures, is ideal for satellite operations.

One of the core products offered by Cytaglobal is gateway services to modern broadband satellites that bundle extensive teleport capabilities with diverse international fiber connectivity, enabling satellite companies to customize integrated solutions and provide high capacity broadband services in various regions around the globe. Hosting services are also provided to customers wishing to use Cytaglobal to provide their services in the international market. Such services include collocation, integration, and network control. Monitoring services, including carrier and baseband monitoring and interference localization, are also offered. In particular, Makarios Teleport also offers international telephony to various destinations and serves as a video head-end for Cyta’s multichannel IPTV service. This includes reception of about 100 TV channels from various satellites with a dedicated antenna farm.

Whatever the choice, we have experienced personnel with the know-how to satisfy the specialised demands of our customers. For a complete description of Makarios Teleport and the facilities we provide, please click here.

Specialised satellite services are also provided by Cyta's wholly-owned subsidiary, Iris Gateway Satellite Services Ltd. The basic products of Iris are mainly based on DVB technology and focus on the provision of turnaround services for audio, video and data, covering Asia, the Middle East and Europe. These services are offered for direct-to-home reception and contribution links in accordance with customer needs. Cytaglobal has close links and co-operates extensively with Iris complementing each other's capabilities and expertise.

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