Satellite Connectivity Products & Facilities

Our state-of-the-art extensive satellite network enables us to provide a wide range of satellite services, tailor made to the requirements of our customers.

Gateway Services

Our Teleports host and support satellite operators for years. We provide Ka band Gateway services for HTS satellites. Our Teleports are also connected through fiber links, overcoming rain degradation in Ka-band and facilitating 100% availability of the services offered.

Teleport Hosting (Teleport)

We can provide our partners with extensive hosting and co-location facilities, as well as integration services to suit every need and application. Usually, the customer equipment is installed on a turnkey basis under Cyta’s supervision.

For a complete description of the Teleport site and the facilities offered, please click here.

Space Segment Capacity (SpaceWay)

We can provide and resell space segment capacity on various satellites, worldwide.

TV Services (VideoSelect)

In serving the Broadcasters we offer on demand, terminal TV transmission to and from Cyprus, typically via our dedicated fibre optic video links, on periodic, occasional and event basis. Staffed with professional agents, our Booking Centre is open twenty four hours a day, seven days a week to guarantee rapid response times.

Click here to access the VideoSelect price list.

Hybrid Services

We can combine fiber and satellite connectivity providing integrated products and solutions, tailor-made to the requirements of our customers. Through our network, we can serve customers at various Telehouses in Europe and beyond.

VSAT Services

VSAT links enable instant connectivity to remote regions around the globe and offer modern communications solutions. We offer reliable services with small and low cost terminals. Field support is provided in association with specialized partners.

Satellite Control

We can provide Telemetry, Control and Ranging Services to satellite operators.

RF and BER Monitoring Services

We provide RF monitoring services to ensure compliance of our customers with the terms of their leases as well as BER monitoring services to ensure the quality of satellite transmissions. We also provide interference localization services by identifying sources of unauthorized transmissions.

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