Points of Presence

Being at the forefront of technology, Cytaglobal, Cytaglobal Hellas and CytaUK, have joined forces to create a new generation IP-MPLS (internet protocol - multi protocol label switching) private network which integrates voice, data and video into a single global broadband network, known as CytaWorld.Net. This multi-service MPLS platform is secure, flexible and scalable. All these combined with a very competitive pricing structure, ensures that our customers enjoy exceptional quality-of-service and value for money.

CytaWorld.Net currently consists of three Points-of-Presence in Nicosia, Athens and London, with international extensions beyond. These Points-of-Presence are further interconnected with other global networks managed by our partners, which allows for the provision of total end-to-end solutions, to most international destinations.

CytaWorld.Net is based on a robust network design with core and access routers with centralized management and full redundancy, offering secure, flexible and reliable communications. The three Points-of-Presence are interconnected via our private optical cable capacity on the Med Nautilus Cable System which provides for high-quality, secure ring architecture and uninterrupted provision of service.

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