Cyta Call Centres, Support Centres & Network Management Centres
Cyta Service From Cyprus If you are in any other country call
Nationwide General Customer Enquiries (sales, billing, support) 132 +35722880100
Nationwide Customer Call Centre for Cytamobile-Vodafone, Cytanet, Broadband services & Fixed Telephony Fault Reporting 80000197 +35722880300
National Private Leased Circuits Fault Reporting 80004000 +35722702040
Cytanet Technical Support 80008080 +35722880200
Cyta UK Customer Care & Support 80008011 Calls from UK only
Switching Maintenance Centre, Emergency/Major Service Interruption
Co-ordination Centre & International Network Traffic Management Centre
22707707 +35722707707
Escalation for Emergency/Major Service Interruption Co-ordination 22707708 +35722707708
Submarine Cable Stations, Satellite Earth Stations & Restoration Co-ordination Centre 22702778 +35722702778
Fault Management Procedure and Escalation Contacts

BusinessConnect (MPLS-VPNs), EthernetConnect (L2 EoMPLS) and Internet Connectivity Products
BusinessLink (IPLCs)
Cable Connectivity Products
Satelite Connectivity Products
Wholesale Voice Products