Added Services Portfolio

The Added Services Portfolio... adding value

What helps to set us apart at Cytaglobal is our approach. In creating and sustaining partnerships with our customers we work hard at the extras. We know that the answer to customer satisfaction is asking, "What more can we do?" And, then, of course, doing just that.

International Network Management

We take our customers seriously. Twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, Cytaglobal's customers are supported by both our International Transmission Network Centre and our newly launched International Network Traffic Management Centre. With comprehensive restoration and diversity capabilities, and real-time monitoring and control, we do a lot more than promise uninterrupted service; we make it happen.

Click here for more information about Cyta's switched-network management capabilities.


In providing total fibre management, we can plan, co-ordinate and execute restoration submarine cable links via reserve cable capacity owned either exclusively or in part by Cytaglobal.


Our experienced professionals can provide consultation, integration, administration and central billing services, for submarine cable systems on a global scale. In particular, Cyta currently offers Central Billing Services and Network Management Services to CADMOS and UGARIT submarine cable systems. Furthermore, Cyta provides Overall Restoration Liaison Officer (ORLO) services for these cable systems.

Inbound Roaming

Inbound International Roaming Services enable foreign mobile users to use their mobile phone or other mobile device while travelling to Cyprus. Customers are able to make and receive voice calls and text messages, as well as browse the internet and send and receive emails, enjoying the best quality of seamless Roaming services. Inbound International Roaming is available to Licensed MNOs and MVNOs by connecting them to Cytamobile-Vodafone’s mobile network.

If you are interested in establishing an International Roaming Agreement with our network, please contact us by clicking here.