Connecting the World

With what is probably the best telecommunications network in the Eastern Mediterranean region, Cytaglobal meets customers’ ever expanding needs and business goals, by embracing new technologies, generating competitively priced, innovative products and delivering sterling service.

An extensive global telecommunications network, as well as comprehensive Portfolios of competitively priced and flexible products are only part of what we offer. We are a global customer-friendly provider of network solutions and a keen market-driven enterprise. We listen and respond to our customers’ needs, we offer one-to-one consultations and we customise our products to meet individual requirements. At Cytaglobal value added services, like network management support to maximise efficiency, customised billing formats to meet clients’ specific needs and product facilitators to advise and consult individual clients on each and every product, are routine.

Committed to continually upgrading our network, at Cytaglobal our dependability is firmly rooted in highly skilled personnel and a technologically advanced infrastructure. Our people are the heart of our organisation... like a tightly knit human chain we are all bound by a common goal, a common vision and a common commitment to succeed and to serve our customers.’s the way that we do it

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