An Advantageous Location

The ancient island of Cyprus, where goddess Aphrodite was born and King Richard the Lionheart was married, is well known today as having one of the most advanced telecommunications networks in Europe. Equally well known is our skill in bridging continents, peoples and cultures.

Positioned in the Eastern Mediterranean at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa, Cyprus has historically served as a commercial and communications base of strategic importance. Now, at the start of a new millennium, the island’s firmly established reputation as an international financial and business services centre owes much to its superior global telecommunications capabilities.

The Cyprus Telecommunications Authority, known as Cyta, is based in Cyprus and takes full advantage of the strategic geographical location of the island. Cyta is a service provider of the whole spectrum of electronic communication products, ranging from fixed and mobile telephony to Internet service provision and broadband applications. Although Cyta is a corporate body established by law to provide national and international communications, it has evolved into a keen, customer-driven enterprise, contributing substantially to the economic and social life of Cyprus. Cyta, through its strategic business unit Cytaglobal, an integral part of the National & International Wholesale Market Division, is particularly active in the area of international submarine fibre optic cables, providing wholesale products and services on a global basis. island connecting continents, people and cultures of the world
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