Cyta is a service provider of the whole spectrum of electronic communication products, ranging from fixed and mobile communications, to internet service provision and broadband applications. Although Cyta is a corporate body established by law to provide national and international communications, it has evolved into a keen customer-driven enterprise, contributing substantially to the economic and social life of Cyprus.

Cyta, currently employing approximately 2600 people, is the first organisation member of the EFQM (European Foundation of Quality Management) in Cyprus, and has been awarded by EFQM with 5 stars in recognition for excellence. In parallel to the implementation of the EFQM model, Cyta has also obtained ISO9001:2000 Quality certification.

Cyta offers high quality products and services to its customers, based on market demand and modern technology. Particular emphasis is placed on the provision of value added services such as multimedia services via the internet, e-commerce, triple-play services and additional new services to be based on the convergence of fixed/mobile communications, which are expected to dominate Cyta's business activities during the coming decade. In order to provide the best possible response to customer demands, Cyta provides unified broadband services using state-of-the-art technologies on a developing New Generation Network, which enables the high-speed transmission of voice, data and video. Taking advantage of Cyprus privileged geographical location at the crossroads of three continents, Cytaglobal, the International Wholesale unit of Cyta, has developed an extensive submarine optical fibre cable network, which connects Cyprus with neighbouring countries and thereafter with the rest of the world. In parallel, Cytaglobal has also developed an equally impressive satellite telecommunications network that provides enhanced connectivity with global reach.

With what is probably the best telecommunications network in the Eastern Mediterranean region, Cyta meets customers' ever expanding needs and business goals, by embracing new technologies, generating competitively priced, innovative products and delivering sterling service. The continuous upgrading of its telecommunications infrastructure and its portfolio of products and services, combined with Cyta's policy of steadily reducing tariffs, have enabled Cyta to offer perhaps the lowest tariffs in the European Union and Cyprus in becoming an attractive base for international companies. Cyta has already proven that is proactive and is willing to respond to market and legislation changes in order to take full advantage of Cyprus ' accession to the European Union. Cyprus has now become Europe's furthermost border in the Eastern Mediterranean, thus opening new horizons for Cyta, which aims to become the Telecommunications Bridge between East and West.

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